DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) Exams

There are 8 levels of DELE exams. Each successive level represents an increasing level of difficulty.

A1 and A1 Escolar Diplomas

Certifies its holder’s ability to use Spanish to communicate in simple situations relating to everyday life.


A2 Diploma

Certifies its holder’s ability to understand and use popular everyday phrases and expressions which cover a range of topics relevant to the holder’s personal life and experience (basic information about one’s self and one’s family, shopping, interests, places of interest, activities etc.).


B1 and B1 Escolar Diplomas

Is an intermediate level qualification, B1 Escolar certifies that the holder is a competent speaker of basic Spanish.


B2 Diploma

Is an upper-intermediate level qualification that certifies the holder as a competent speaker of Spanish in situations that do not require specialized terminology.


C1 Diploma

Certifies the holder’s ability to speak confidently and spontaneously at a high level without difficulty.


C2 Diploma

Certifies the holder’s ability to communicate successfully in situations that demand a strong command of the language and a familiarity with Spanish culture.