This course  is useful for all students and professionals studying or working in business and management where the spanish language is used. It is a course in the economic sector designed for all those who want to improve their communicative skills in a professional environment.

With this online course you will learn to communicate professionally via email, telephone, Skype and other modern programs.  You will improve your Spanish language skills and gain the cultural knowledge you need to conduct business successfully in Spain and Latin America.

Through our unique combination of experience, innovation, and credibility, we can help you stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.

This course offers a practical, flexible, and convenient way to acquire the language skills and cultural knowledge entrepreneurs and corporate professionals need to conduct business successfully. Get real-life experience emailing, texting, and practicing phone conversations and online interviews with your instructor. Learn business etiquette, create professional documents, and learn to discuss your own training and your business sector, all while growing your knowledge about the Spanish-speaking business world and negotiating cross-culturally.