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The spanish language in the world

Nowadays, 380 million persons are native speakers of the spanish language. Furthermore, the spanish language is the official language by itself or along with another language in 21 countries, dispersed throughout the five continents.  These countries, ordered by size of population, are the following:

Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Honduras, San Salvador, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Panama, Ecuatorial Guinea and Puerto Rico.

Also, in many countries, although Spanish is not the official language, there are many spanish speaking residents (e.g. U.S.A., Australia, Morocco).

It is a fact that more than 46 million persons worldwide study spanish, while at the same time more than 40 million spanish speaking persons use the Internet.

Furthermore, the spanish civilization is also well known throughout the world.

From Spain its famous author Cervantes stands out and his worldwide literature works “Don Quijote”, while at the same time Spain is famous for its landscapes, celebrations, music, flamenco and gastronomy, where among others the famous “paella” stands out.

From Argentina, its tango, its cosmopolitan capital (Buenos Aires), its mythical characters, its “gauchos” and its “mate” (a special kind of tea) stand out. From its gastronomy its famous roasts stand out.

Besides Argentina, from the south of the american continent της αμερικανικής one can singularize the Andean civilization of Peru, with the particular wildlife and the llamas, as well as the capital of Incas at Cuzco, where the ancient city of “Macchu Picchu” is located, also known as the “Rome of America” due to the plethora of tourist attractions. Peru is famous for its gastronomy. In 2011, Peru won the prize for the best gastronomic destination on the planet.

Finally, from central America ξεχωρίζει one can discern the civilization of Mexico, the capital of the Aztec civilization, homeland of the “mariachis”  with their characteristic sombreros and their guitars. Also, Mexico is renowned for its famous “tacos” from corn or guacamole.

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